Czech OiRA promotion campaign

The Czech OiRA partner in cooperation with the Occupational Safety and Research Institute (Výzkumný ústav bezpečnost práce , VÚBP) is currently conducting a media promotion campaign of the OiRA tools (mediální propagace nástroje OiRA). Awareness-raising materials were created, which presented the individual branches in the Czech language..


The aim of the promotion was to show to companies how easily workplace risk assessments can be carried out with the support of OiRA tools. The promotion of the OiRA tool started in 2021 and was presented on the VÚBP web and social networks, exhibitions and educational events.

In 2022, media promotion of the OiRA tool in the Czech Republic will continue. The aim will be for companies to present the individual branches of the OiRA tool in more detail in the Czech language.

Find the promotional material here:

- roll up,

- posters (plakáty),

- a leaflet (leták),

- a bookmark (záložka)