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The Latvian State Labour Inspectorate took action and developed an OiRA road transport tool for helping micro and small companies to implement proper risk management.

Employees working in the road transport sector are exposed daily to a great amount of hazards. Traffic accidents are one of most dangerous risks to be prevented. However there are other situations that need special prevention measures as well,...Få mere at vide

The Commission organised a peer review meeting for web-based risk assessment tools, to facilitate mutual learning and discuss advantages and challenges of the different approaches. Participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Norway,...

The event was hosted by the Irish Health and Safety Authority. Ireland has already developed its own tool, the Business Electronic Safety Management and Risk Assessment Tool (BeSMART), to help...Få mere at vide

The General Labour Inspectorate in Bulgaria has developed an OiRA tool for the ‘landscaping service activities’ sector to help identifying and assessing the risks in the provision of these services.

The ‘landscaping and maintenance of green areas’ tool covers most of the landscape related activities. These range from classical plant production to forestry and refer to tasks which are usually performed in an urban...Få mere at vide

Construction indoors_LV_DAL_2.png
The State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia has developed an OiRA tool for the indoors construction sector to help companies identify and assess the risks in order to carry out preventive actions to eliminate or reduce them.

The ‘construction (work in doors)’ tool aims to inform workers about the risks to which they are exposed in the performance of their tasks and how to prevent them. It also includes tips on ergonomics, work equipment...Få mere at vide

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance of Cyprus has developed four new OiRA tools for the ‘car repair’, ‘hotels and restaurants’, 'commercial shops' and HORECA sectors to help companies identify and evaluate working conditions in...

The tools aim to inform workers about the risks to which they are exposed in the performance of their tasks and how to prevent them.

...Få mere at vide

INRS video_0.PNG
The video is addressed at micro and small companies’ (MSEs) employers to help them assess and manage, together with the employees, the occupational and safety risks of their workplace. It has been developed by the National Research and Safety...

The video focuses on the sectors of road transport, catering, car repair and retail trade of non-food products (transport routier, restauration traditionnelle, garages automobiles et poids lourds, et commerce non...Få mere at vide