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OiRA video in LV_0.PNG
Following the model of the EU ‘ Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps ’ video, the new clip for Latvia highlights safety and health risk assessment as the approach for the prevention of work related accidents and illnesses at the workplace.

It also illustrates how easy it is for companies to manage occupational safety and health (OSH) with the sectoral OiRA tools available so far in Latvia, such as hairdressing, hotel and restaurants and so on. By protecting workers’ health,...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

The French OiRA road transport tool has been updated by the French OiRA national partner the National Research and Safety Institute ( INRS ) in close cooperation with the sectoral social partners.

Based on its successful results, the purpose of the updated tool is to simplify it and to give more options to the users, as well as to target the tool to the specific activities in their company. In addition, a...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

Members of the OiRA community and IRAT network met in Brussels on 18 June to discuss the state of their tools, successful promotional approaches and technical challenges and possibilities.

In addition, the partners exchanged their views on how to approach the evaluation of the OiRA/IRAT tools. The meeting was followed by a...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

The Belgian Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue (FPS Employment) has launched four OiRA tools in cooperation with the national social partners.

The tools aim to assess risks to workers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working on live performance productions or in venues like theatres, operas, etc. The tools are adapted to the specific characteristics of...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy together with the National Institute For Accident Prevention at Work (INAIL) in Italy has developed an OiRA tool to help improving the working conditions of workers in businesses having office...

The tool is intended to be used in both private and public offices’ activities and it deals with the most common sector related tasks. These include the use of computers, secretary activities, customer relations and...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

The e-tool MAVImplant Logistique to integrate the occupational and safety and health dimension in the conception of workplaces has been launched in France.

With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, the tool has been launched by OiRA partner the National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) in collaboration with the Association for the Development of Vocational...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

OiRA video in BG.PNG
A new animated video on OiRA has been released in Bulgaria to show how easy it is for businesses across various sectors to manage occupational safety and health (OSH) with OiRA tools.

The video highlights in a catchy and graphic way the risk assessment approach with OiRA for preventing accidents, occupational diseases and sickness absence at the workplace.

...Weitere Informationen anzeigen