Die hier bereitgestellten branchenspezifischen OiRA-Tools können von Kleinst- und Kleinunternehmen für die Durchführung von Gefährdungsbeurteilungen genutzt werden; sie helfen ihnen bei der Erstellung einer auf ihre Erfordernisse abgestimmten dokumentierten Gefährdungsbeurteilung. Die Werkzeuge können durch einen einfachen Klick auf den entsprechenden Link heruntergeladen werden. Zu jedem Link gibt es eine Kurzbeschreibung des Werkzeugs; außerdem ist der Name des OiRA-Partners angegeben, der es entwickelt hat. Die Werkzeuge können nach Land, Sprache und Branche durchsucht werden.

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Real estate



Real estate businesses

The tool has been developed for and by the sector. During the development of the Belgian tool 'OiRA Immo’, the potential risks associated with the real estate sector have been analysed and have shown that companies and their workers need to be more attentive to the risks in their business. The tool is adapted to the specific characteristics of the sector. On the one hand there is an extensive module on office work, but on the other hand there are also modules with specific attention for the safety and health of employees who work on site (cleaning, management and maintenance of buildings). In addition to identifying the risks, solutions are provided to manage them. The tool contributes to better and safer working conditions in the sector which will lead to healthy and motivated workers.

Real estate



Real estate activities

The apparently routine activities of the Real Estate Agencies, in fact, pose hazards and harbor risks from many different sources. Besides the traditional ones, related to office work, risks may also arise from contacts with various clients and viewing and visiting sites, including ones under construction. Finally yet importantly, there exist risks related to road accidents and to exposure to biological agents, sometimes present in already occupied properties.In line with the above-said characteristics of the activity, this OiRA tool allows to evaluate the risks inherent in the business in a user-friendly manner and to set appropriate measures for their elimination / minimization.