Expanding the outreach of online risk assessment

<h2 id="tmgmt-11">OiRA in national OSH strategies and legislation</h2>

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<p id="tmgmt-18">Protecting the safety and health of workers in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) presents a bigger challenge than in larger companies. MSEs show lower levels of compliance with occupational safety and health (OSH) standards and often underestimate the OSH risks present in their business.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-12">Risk assessment is the first and essential step towards successful occupational safety and health management. Incorporation of user friendly and interactive online risk assessment tools such as <a href="https://oiraproject.eu/en/&quot; target="_blank">OiRA&nbsp;</a> into national strategies and legislation can contribute in diverse ways to improve the OSH situation in MSEs.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-13">We share encouraging news: Out of the 16 OiRA partner countries, ten already reference OiRA in their national OSH strategy or relevant legislation while two other countries generally mention the use of online risk assessment tools without specifying the type of tool.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-14">Get a comprehensive overview about <a href="https://oshwiki.eu/index.php?title=OiRA_and_other_online_risk_assessmen…; target="_blank">OiRA and other online risk assessment tools in national OSH strategies and legislation&nbsp;</a></p>

<p id="tmgmt-15">Learn more about <a href="https://oiraproject.eu/en/what-oira&quot; target="_blank">OiRA&nbsp;</a> and discover all available <a href="https://oiraproject.eu/en/oira-tools&quot; target="_blank">OiRA tools&nbsp;</a></p>