France expands its successful OiRA approach to a variety of sectors


A new case study looks at how France has been implementing OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) tools designed for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in various sectors. The success of OiRA in France is evident, for example the number of users of the restaurant tool is equal to 25% of all registered restaurants in the country.

Supported by France’s National Research and Safety Institute (INRS), the Health Insurance (l’Assurance maladie) and sectoral social partners, the case study presents the development and promotion of EU-OSHA’s free OiRA tools in France. It sheds light on their application, the challenges and success factors. Key to success were the use of a large network of different actors for widespread promotion of the tools and a dedicated subsidy programme. Have a look and see how the French OiRA partners managed to make risk assessment popular in MSEs with the support of the tools.

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