How to keep your staff healthy in the educational sector?


The OiRA partner Generalitat Catalunya is providing the educational sector with four tools to support successful risk management for early childhood and secondary education.

Work in the educational sector is characterised by a broad range of risk factors including high psychosocial risks. Several OiRA tools provide national or regional advice on how to prevent the most important risks for staff in the sector. The tools cover different topics, such as risks related to the premises, to the educational tasks, to working time and working organisation. An important focus of the tools is specifically on psychosocial risks.

Based on educational tools developed at EU level by EFEE and ETUCE with EU-OSHA support, the Generalitat Catalunya has just published four tools for the educational sector:

Have a look at the the Early childhood education tools in Spanish and Catalan.

Have a look at the Secondary education tools in Spanish and Catalan.

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