How to protect your employees from COVID-19?


Find guidance and information from Greek companies about how to best protect your employees from a COVID-19 infection at work in the newly published OiRA tool!

The Greek OiRA partner, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, has published an adaptation of the EU-OSHA COVID-19 tool, translated into Greek and adapted to the specific situation and regulation in the country.

The Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has successfully published its adaptation of the EU COVID-19 tool. The tool was launched during an online seminar with more than 100 participants on 29 October.

The tool provides guidance and information especially for small and micro companies how to prevent COVID-19 infections at the workplace. The tool provides guidance and information about certain aspects like general workplace measures, hygienic behaviour, commuting to work, meetings and events and much more. Have a look and find out if your employees are well protected!

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