How to stay healthy in the hairdresser's occupation?

The Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy is presenting its health and safety risk assessment tool at the international Beauty and Hair Expo this weekend in Zagreb! Participation is free!


Hairdressing is going along with many risk factors, often unknown to clients but having serious health consequences for hairdressers. Skin problems cause many hairdressers to stop working in their favourite profession, dangerous substances included in the cosmetics can have detrimental consequences on health after prolonged exposure, musculoskeletal disorders are well known to many hairdressers.

During this years' international hairdressers fair in Zagreb, the Croatian Ministry of Labour, Family, Pension System and Social Policy is showing how hairdressers can protect themselves and their employees by using the interactive risk assessment tool and taking consequent action by eliminating or preventing possible risks at work.

Come to the fair to learn more.

Have a look at the tool.