More business sectors to benefit from OiRA in Latvia and France


Three new OiRA tools will help assess work-related risks in Latvia and France

Latvian companies from the construction – earthworks industry can now benefit from a tailor-made and free-to-use risk assessment solution through a new OiRA tool. It offers safety requirements for excavations, tips on ergonomics, work equipment and personal protective equipment.

Another OiRA tool in the country was released for businesses in the manufacturing of clothes. In this sector, risk assessment is essential for a multiple hazards such as: poor ergonomics with awkward postures, repetitive motions, exposure to chemical substances, and many more.

Access all the tools for Latvia.

The third OiRA tool will support the risk assessment in the printing industry in France where risks include manual handling, chemicals, noise, slips, trips and falls, fire and explosion. Access French tools.