Navigating occupational risks in 2020 and beyond: the impact of OiRA

<p id="tmgmt-1">An unprecedented year that has turned the world upside down, 2020 has also become a catalyst for important achievements in occupational safety and health.</p><p id="tmgmt-2">Good news from our Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) partners start with impressive numbers: over 147 000 risk assessments with<a href="; target="_blank"> OiRA tools</a> have been carried out by micro and small enterprises all over Europe during the past decade.</p><p id="tmgmt-3">From bakeries in France, warehouses in Lithuania and offices in Italy to beauty salons in Croatia and journalists in Slovenia – the list of national sectors and occupations covered by tailored OiRA tools in 2020 is long and diverse. 58 new OiRA tools were published, increasing the total number to 239 while only this year more than 45 existing tools have been updated.</p><p id="tmgmt-4">To help adjust risk assessment processes and keep employees safe and healthy in times of the pandemic, <a href="; target="_blank">15 national OiRA COVID-19 tools</a> have been brought to life thanks to our growing and committed OiRA community.</p><p id="tmgmt-5"> Explore <a href="; target="_blank">OiRA</a> and help us spread the word about the added value of a unique risk assessment platform.</p>