New Danish risk assessment tool “APV” starts off successfully


Denmark's new risk assessment tool went online end of 2019. Three months later there is already a considerable amount of users.

The Danish Working Environment Authority is an official partner in EU-OSHA’s network on online interactive risk assessment tools (IRAT). The Authority has recently published a new online risk assessment tool, APV. The tool gives companies the chance to choose from 56 different sectoral activities, and places high importance on employee involvement via different possibilities, such as surveys, meetings or printouts.

All industry-specific tools contain contain no more than 25 risks. The idea behind this approach is to make the risk assessment as easy as possible for micro and small enterprises. This simplification is a big improvement to the previous version of tools, that contained about 100 questions per sectoral tool.

First figures show that, in less than 3 months, more than 2000 companies have used the tool.

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