OiRA gets special mention in UEAPME’s position on the OSH Communication from the Commission


In its recently published position paper, UEAPME highlights the support needed by SMEs to comply with health and safety rules through further development of (web-based) tools for risk-assessment like OiRA.

UEAPME also outlines the need to translate and adapt tools for SMEs according to their size, sector, and specific risks, and refers to OiRA tools as good examples. The position adds that the potential of OiRA is currently not fully tapped and, therefore, better promotion, simplification and adaptation to the specifics of the companies are needed as well. 

UEAPME also emphasises that SMEs and their representatives should be involved from the beginning in the development of such tools so that they fit the needs of the enterprises. Finally, it is concluded that more coordination and support will be needed for SME organisations in developing the tool further at national and sectoral level, and also in protecting the investments of those who develop it.

The European Commission on 10 January 2017 published its Communication on “Safer and Healthier Work for All – Modernisation of the EU Occupational Safety and Health Legislation and Policy”. This includes an ex-post evaluation of EU occupational safety and health Directives (REFIT evaluation), a practical guide for employers, and proposals for setting further exposure limits for carcinogens or mutagens at work.

Read UEAPME’s position 

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