OiRA tools for cleaners: Sweep away the risks!

OiRA puts under the microscope the hazards associated with the cleaning sector by making available risk assessment tools for micro and small enterprises


Risk assessment tools for the cleaning sector have been developed by four national OiRA partners in five languages in addition to one created in collaboration with EU social dialogue partners.

Cleaning is carried out in all industries and business premises, often outside normal working hours, in the early morning, evening or night. Such work patterns can increase the risk going along with lone work, work-related stress or violence. In addition cleaners work in premises outside their company and are often victims of slips, trips, falls or other occupational accidents. Depending on the type of cleaning, the use of a variety of products and dangerous substances results in exposure to chemicals. Biological risks related to dealing with waste add up to this long list of aspects to have in mind when doing an occupational safety and health risk assessment for cleaners!