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OiRA tools for the cleaning services sector — for a spotless record on safety and health

Cleaners work in different environments at different times of the day, meaning exposure to a variety of risks. Some suffer from musculoskeletal disorders as a result of repetitive movements and awkward postures; others work at height washing windows or with harsh cleaning agents.

To help workplaces, particularly small businesses, identify risks and measures to tackle them, nine Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools have been developed at EU level and by our partners in Belgium, Czechia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.

The tools cover a variety of activities to help ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all cleaners, whether in offices and hospitals, or other sub-sectors like laundries, and will soon be complemented by new tools, under development in Greece and France.

Check out all the OiRA tools for the cleaning sector

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