OiRA tools for health and social care: looking after those who look after us

Taking care of others doesn’t come without risks: long and irregular working hours, psychosocial risks and fatigue can take their toll on doctors, care home workers and others working in the health care sector.

To protect these workers, ten Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools have been designed for the health and care sector. The tools make it easy to identify and manage hazards in doctors’ practices (Czechia, Latvia), dental surgeries (Czechia), pharmacies (Latvia), residential homes and homes for the elderly (Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Latvia), and social services (Lithuania).

More tools are under development, for medical centres and laboratories (Greece), care and residential homes and pharmacies (Spain/Catalonia), hospitals and day surgeries (Latvia), and the social sector (Portugal).

Check out all the OiRA tools for the human health and social work sector

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