Portugal: hairdressers and barbers learn to assess work-related risks with OiRA


Given the importance of improving the working conditions of hairdressers and barbers, our Portuguese focal point host a webinar on 10 November to address ways to prevent work-related illnesses and accidents in these workplaces. Participants also discuss strategies for promoting wellbeing in this sector. An OiRA tool (Online interactive Risk Assessment) developed in Portugal for hairdressers is presented, in order to support and guide the implementation of measures to be carried out in salons. 

The event gathers members of the Portuguese Association of Barber Shops, Hairdressers and Beauty Institutes, the Association of Hairdressers of Portugal, the Clube Artístico dos Cabeleireiros de Portugal and the Authority for Working Conditions. 

OiRA tools enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily filtered by country, sector or language. 

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