Safer workplaces with OiRA in times of COVID-19: the example of France

How can we help small companies keep their workforce safe, particularly today, in the context of the unparalleled health crisis prompted by COVID-19? France has recently come up with an elegant solution through a grant scheme.
Companies with fewer than 50 employees were encouraged to invest in prevention solutions, including against COVID-19, with up to 50% of the costs refunded through grants offered by the Assurance Maladie - CNAM in May. A completed workplace risk assessment was a condition to apply, with Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA)  as the recommended tool.
Since then, more than 7000 workplace risk assessments have been conducted with OiRA tools in France, in sectors such as road transport, hotels and restaurants and commercial shops.
As another grant scheme is launched in September, the French National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INRS)  is working on more tools to publish, including for office work with a section devoted to teleworking, butchers, fish stores, bakeries and many more.
A national lead-by-example story that can inspire other OiRA community members to follow such a successful campaign.
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