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In the spotlight: European SME week

Every autumn, a pan-European campaign promotes entrepreneurship in Europe highlighting the role of small and medium-sized enterprises as main catalysts for employment, economic growth and innovation in Europe and beyond.

Coordinated by the European Commission, the SME week is also a good opportunity to remind about the ongoing need of improving the occupational safety and health (OSH) in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) – a key priority of the Agency work during the last years.

Our 3-year SESAME project has demonstrated the importance of involvement of trade unions and employer’s organisations in the development of policies that can reach to MSEs. Better integration of OSH into the sector-specific education system is needed, as well as sustainable solutions to MSEs.

Learn more about EU-OSHA’s activities to improve OSH in micro and small enterprises

Check out: Safety and health in micro and small enterprises in the EU: Final report from the 3-year SESAME project

Photo by Ekaterina Tyapkina on Unsplash