Supporting compliance with OSH regulations: ongoing research

<p id="tmgmt-1">Adhering to occupational safety and health (OSH) standards is fundamental to worker protection. A new web section outlines research being carried out by EU-OSHA (2021 – 2024) to analyse the factors affecting compliance and how it can be improved, particularly among micro and small enterprises.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-2">The research aims to examine the different types of support available to companies and effective strategies and practices adopted by OSH regulators, with an overarching review and in-depth studies exploring how the state, market forces and supply chains (with a particular focus on the agri-food and construction sectors) influence compliance.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-3">The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for OSH compliance are also considered.</p>

<p id="tmgmt-4">Visit the<a href="/themes/good-osh-is-good-for-business/improving-compliance-osh-regulations"> web section now</a></p>

<p id="tmgmt-5">Read the project report on&nbsp;<a href="/publications/improving-compliance-occupational-safety-and-health-regulations-overarching-review">improving compliance with OSH regulations</a></p>

<p id="tmgmt-6">Check out the <a href="/publications/literature-review-improving-compliance-occupational-safety-and-health-regulations/view">literature review</a> and <a href="/publications/summary-improving-compliance-occupational-safety-and-health-regulations-overarching">executive summary</a></p>