‘Work Positive’ online tool to manage workplace stress launched by IRAT member


The Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has launched the ‘Work Positive’ online tool to help companies manage the work-related stress and improve employees’ well-being. 

Based on a ‘whole workforce’ approach and through a confidential psychosocial risk management process, Work Positive is for all workplace stressors but has a new additional piece specific to critical incidents in Ireland. 

The four stages of the assessment include a preparatory step, the identification and measurement of the psychosocial risks and an action plan based on feedback provided via online reports. The final stage includes a review to evaluate the success measures, monitor on-going performance and determine areas for improvement. 

The Work Positive process can be rolled out over a three to six month period and be re-used every few years. It is aligned with the Psychosocial Risk Management European Framework (Prima-EF).

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