Working in a small shop? Be aware of the risks with OiRA!


See here what OiRA has in store for those working in the retail sector

Seven already published OiRA tools and three more in the pipeline are available to micro and small companies in the retail sector to make them aware of risks to their worker's safety and health. No matter if they work in small stores or bigger supermarkets, shop workers daily face a range of different tasks, such as stocking shelves, replacing goods and cashier work.

These kinds of tasks require working in uncomfortable positions, repetitive movements or prolonged standing, possibly causing pain in their back, neck or shoulders, as well as the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). In addition, they interact with clients, which may in cases of difficulties, lead to violence, insults or even assaults.

OiRA assists in identifying and eliminating these risks to ensure the safeguard and wellbeing of shop workers.