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The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland has developed a new OiRA tool for the hairdressing sector to help identifying and assessing working conditions in hair salons.

The ‘hairdresser’ tool aims to inform workers (hairdressers) about the risks to which they are exposed at the workplace and how to avoid future health problems. The tool includes questions grouped by subject and it...See more

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The ‘OiRA in facts and figures’ infographic of the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) project is available in English language.

The EU level infographic displays key and updated information from OiRA, underlining the usefulness, relevance and impact of the OiRA tools and highlighting the most recent statistics about their development, use and...See more

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On 17 May 2017, EU-OSHA and the European Commission jointly convened a conference to discuss how to support micro and small companies (MSEs) through the use of interactive risk assessment tools.

The purpose of the conference was to assess the tools, highlighting its added value and its contribution to improve occupational safety and health (OSH) standards, as well as to share knowledge and good practice. The...See more

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In its recently published position paper, UEAPME highlights the support needed by SMEs to comply with health and safety rules through further development of (web-based) tools for risk-assessment like OiRA.

UEAPME also outlines the need to translate and adapt tools for SMEs according to their size, sector, and specific risks, and refers to OiRA tools as good examples. The position adds that the potential of OiRA is...See more

When major discussions on workplace health and safety are underway in the European Union, the 7th OiRA community meeting (Brussels, May 16 - 17, 2017) brings OiRA partners the opportunity to examine their challenges ahead, as well as interested...

The event, which is organised by EU-OSHA in collaboration with the European Commission for the first time, consists of two distinct components. These include a meeting limited to the...See more

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On the occasion of the Europe Day, the Working Conditions Authority (ACT) has launched a press release to promote OiRA as a professional risk assessment tool for SMEs, and to highlight the seven OiRA tools available in Portuguese language.

The seven OiRA tools developed in Portugal include an action plan adapted to the specific needs of each company and industry. The sectors covered by the tools are catering, car repair, hairdressing, leather and tanning, road transport, working in...See more

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Following the first phase of experimentation with the identification of the ‘working in offices’ sector, small companies across the country will be involved in the use of the tool with the support of a tutorial. As part of the second stage of the...

The Italian commitment to the OiRA project was formalised with the signing of the OiRA memorandum of understanding between the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and EU-OSHA on 30 August 2013. 

To achieve...See more

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The FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue in collaboration with the CSC, the FGTB and the UGBN, has developed two new OiRA tools in French and in Dutch language to keep improving the working conditions of workers employed in the cleaning...

Workers in the professional cleaning sector perform their duties in different work environments, as well as in a wide range of buildings and surfaces. Therefore, the types of risks to which they are exposed not only relate to the specific job...See more