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The OiRA sectoral tools provided here are to enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily accessed by clicking on the relevant link. Each link is accompanied by a short description of the tool and the name of the OiRA partner who developed it. Tools can be searched by country, language and sector.

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Hairdressers & beauty salons
Personal & other service occupations


This tool prepares employers and workers for an occupational safety and health risk assessment. It helps to identify risks and to set up a plan of measures to prevent possible damages and protect the health of workers. It consists of five modules: organising and implementing measures of occupational safety, information on working conditions, tasks of hairdressers, skin protection etc. included. An introduction on the main principles of fire safety is also included.  If there are any other risks that are not specified in this tool, they can be added by the user. A final report can be saved and printed as a document of a risk assessment as well as a plan of measures if it is needed.