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The OiRA sectoral tools provided here are to enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily accessed by clicking on the relevant link. Each link is accompanied by a short description of the tool and the name of the OiRA partner who developed it. Tools can be searched by country, language and sector.

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Maritime transport

Seafaring still belongs to one of the most dangerous occupations worldwide. Risk assessment as a cornerstone in risk management has been widely introduced by internationally operating shipping companies. In contrast, small and micro sized shipping enterprises operating in coastal areas often have no systematic approach to occupational health and safety management. In order to tackle this challenge the “SHIPSAN-ACT – Joint Action” has developed this OiRA tool on maritime transport. The Risk Assessment Tool was structured into ten modules. Based on two general modules dealing with the general approach to safety and health on board (“Occupational Safety and Health Management” and “General Hazards on Board”), six modules cover relevant areas of the ship (“Working on the Bridge”, “Working on the Deck and Cargo Decks”, “Working in the Engine Room”, “Working in the Galley”, “Living Accommodation” and “Working in the ships offices”). Two extra modules were created to treat specific topics (“Dealing with Emergencies” and “Vulnerable Working Groups”). The OiRA tool for Maritime Transport can be used by anyone wishing to assess health and safety-related risks that might exist in their workplace on a ship.