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The OiRA sectoral tools provided here are to enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily accessed by clicking on the relevant link. Each link is accompanied by a short description of the tool and the name of the OiRA partner who developed it. Tools can be searched by country, language and sector.

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Educational establishments – general




Educational Establishments

This on-line, interactive Risk Assessment tool, by covering a broad range of educational institutions from primary school to secondary education, helps to identify and assess occupational risks of those working in educational institutions and to determine the appropriate measures to eliminate or control them properly. The tool is primarily meant to prevent any accidents and work related health conditions of the teachers in compliance with the applicable national OSH legislation but it also covers other professions working in educational institutions, such as care takers, cleaning personnel, canteen workers, etc. In addition, it is ensuring the safety and health of pupils/students who are present on a daily basis in the school environment and due to this fact, the pedagogical dimension of the tool is of high importance, for the development of an OSH education and the fostering of an OSH risks prevention culture not only among the teachers but among the current pupils/students, the workers and employers of tomorrow.




Educational Establishments

The tool covers the following modules: OSH Management; Campus; Equipment, plants and facilities; Factors of the working environment; Chemicals; Working activities and work processes; Psychosocial factors; Emergency preparedness.