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The OiRA sectoral tools provided here are to enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily accessed by clicking on the relevant link. Each link is accompanied by a short description of the tool and the name of the OiRA partner who developed it. Tools can be searched by country, language and sector.

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Education – early childhood

When working with children, nursery teachers are exposed to various work-related risks such as biological hazards (high risks of infectious diseases), risks caused by uncomfortable working positions as well as by repetitive movements and manual handling of children, psychosocial risks cause d by the high responsibility for health and well-being of children but also by relationships with partners etc.. The OiRA tool for nursery teachers helps to identify and assess work-related risks, and provides guidance on their elimination or minimization.




Educational establishments – general




Educational Establishments

An educational establishment is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. This tool aims to help identify and assess the risks to which students and teachers are exposed in the educational establishments. Questions are grouped by subject and provide advice for improvement.