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The OiRA sectoral tools provided here are to enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily accessed by clicking on the relevant link. Each link is accompanied by a short description of the tool and the name of the OiRA partner who developed it. Tools can be searched by country, language and sector.

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Hotels restaurants catering



Hotels and restaurants

This tool is intended to the companies from the HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes) sector: the content is based on the INRS brochures ED 6081 - Réceptionniste en hôtellerie      ED 991 - Femme de chambre et valet dans l'hôtellerie ED 6082 - Rénovation des hôtels - Repères pour la sécurité au travail et la santé du personnel ED 6033 - Lingère, linger et équipier dans l'hôtellerie  It was developed jointly by prevention organisations (INRS, CARSAT ...) and actors from the sector (professional organisations ...).

Hotels restaurants catering




The tool is a risk assessment tool for restaurants and canteens. The tool is designed for small and medium enterprises, for 50 employees and fewer. The tool is easy to use, free and open to all. The tool sets out proposals and examples of improvements in the working environment. There are also references to laws and regulations and the number of images for explanation. The tool evaluates the risks for you and to write a final report. The tool has seven main sections. There are reception and storage resources, Kitchen, Catering and Services, raised and cleaning, Apparatus, Morale and Stress and safety efforts.