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11/06/2018 - 14:15
Live Performance
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OiRA Life performance - productions has been developed for and by the sector. The tool is adapted to the specific characteristics of the sector, such as the stage environment, stage related works, special elements used on stage, props, costumes, make-up and wigs, rehearsal, artists, the public and extra’s and so on. Apart from the risk analysis itself, a lot of tips are given on ergonomics, material, personal protection equipment etc. The tool contributes to better working conditions in the sector which will lead to healthier and more motivated workers.
01/11/2015 - 01:00
EU level
Sports & recreation
OiRA Tools
Not-for-profit sports improve the quality of people's lives through exercise, fun and personal development. Not-for-profit sports is a part of the broader sport sector. The OiRA tool on not-for-profit sports sector covers activities being conducted by the following staff: Sport coaches & sport instructors and trainers, individually orientated and group wise orientated; sport managers; location managers and operational support (e.g. maintenance workers, caretakers, cleaners, grounds men, gardeners, food & beverage staff, receptionists, cashiers, ticket sellers, office workers, drivers, security guards). All the above workers can also be volunteers. Any sports club or person that represents a sports club is considered to be an 'employer'. In the not-for-profit sports sector the employers are often volunteers as well. Working at a not-for-profit sports organisation concerns the indoor facilities an outdoor activities (grounds), and sometimes travelling. Work is often performed outside normal working hours, frequently in the evening or at night and at weekends. The workers may be employed on part-time or temporary contracts, as a volunteer or may work as self-employed. Many instructors in the outdoor sport are freelancer either working for centers on contract or as self-employed.