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Online seminar in Portugal for risk assessment in the construction sector and COVID-19

This Thursday 16 July at 17:00, the Portuguese Working Authority is giving an online seminar to provide information on how to use the OiRA tool for doing a risk assessment in the construction sector. The seminar will also include important information in relation to COVID-19 and how OiRA tools can help to implement proper measures for ensuring a safe and healthy work force.

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Emília Telo, from the Authority for Working Conditions, will be introducing the Portuguese OiRA tools for the construction sector on 16 July at 17:00 during an online seminar. The seminar, as well as the use of the tools, are free of charge. Participants will learn how to use the OiRA tools to get their risk assessment completed and to follow up correctly on identified risks for safety and health at work.

In addition the seminar will include useful information on how to be best prepared for preventing COVID-10 infections among the workforce.

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