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Following the success of previous seminars, our Greek focal point in cooperation with the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EBEA) is organising a third seminar for owners of low-risk small and micro-enterprises on how to use OiRA to improve...Lisateave
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Employers have a duty to carry out suitable, effective and systematic risk assessments of their workplace to keep workers safe and healthy. However, carrying out the required risk assessments can be a challenge for micro and small enterprises. To...Lisateave
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A Hybrid Press Conference on 6 November in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, provides an opportunity for media outlets to multiply the successful story of the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) project in the country and beyond. Cyprus is a...Lisateave
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Find guidance and information fro Greek companies about how to best protect your employees from a COVID-19 infection at work in the newly published OiRA tool! The Greek OiRA partner, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, has published an...Lisateave