Tässä tarjotut alakohtaiset OiRA-työkalut ovat mikro- ja pienyritysten käytettävissä, jotta ne voivat tehdä riskinarviointeja ja niitä voidaan auttaa laatimaan niiden omien vaatimusten mukaan muokattua dokumentoitua arviointia. Työkalut ovat vapaasti ladattavissa, ja niitä pääsee käyttämään helposti napsauttamalla asiaankuuluvaa linkkiä. Jokaisessa linkissä on lyhyt kuvaus työkalusta ja sen kehittäneen OiRA-kumppanin nimi. Työkaluja voidaan etsiä maan, kielen ja alan mukaan.

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Woodworking & related activities



Landscape service activities

This tool is intended for micro and small companies to conduct their occupational and safety risk assessment. A broad variety of hazards related to working outdoors is covered by the tool, including exposure to different climatic conditions (high and low temperatures, precipitation and winds, humidity, etc.), falls from height, exposure to chemical and biological hazards, as well as ergonomic aspects.  

Construction & maintenance, Woodworking & related activities




The woodworking industry has one of the highest rates of accidents in the manufacturing sector. The reasons are largely the result of workers interacting with various sets of tools and equipment. Carpenter work requires normal physical and mental capability with an emphasis on skills of hands and fingers, muscle sensitivity and pressure sensation on feet, hands and fingers. Carpenters work with the coordination of hands and fingers and must be able to concentrate in dangerous situations with a rapid understanding and reaction to signals and sounds. Occasionally, they work at height and in forced positions. Because of the potential harm caused by excessive noise, dust, fumes, glues, paints, thinners and hardeners periodic medical check-ups are required. The OiRA tool for carpenters deals with general risks with an emphasis on chemical safety and the safety of work equipment - machinery and equipment (maintenance of machines, control systems, etc.). This risk assessment contains proposed solutions to reduce or eliminate the risks. All requirements, listed in the OiRA tool, are linked to legislation.

Woodworking & related activities




The woodworking sector is considered as a high-risk sector of economic activities, because many accidents occur in this sector. This OiRA tool covers practically all possible activities and equipment that could be used in woodworking operations. It is important to remember that along with the complex wood processing equipment  a variety of chemicals are used for wood  coating.  Employees may suffer from excessive noise, wood dust,  handling, and use of dangerous chemicals, also the risk of the explosions. Therefore, this OiRA tool includes  many effective preventive measures to eliminate or reduce risks.