Tässä tarjotut alakohtaiset OiRA-työkalut ovat mikro- ja pienyritysten käytettävissä, jotta ne voivat tehdä riskinarviointeja ja niitä voidaan auttaa laatimaan niiden omien vaatimusten mukaan muokattua dokumentoitua arviointia. Työkalut ovat vapaasti ladattavissa, ja niitä pääsee käyttämään helposti napsauttamalla asiaankuuluvaa linkkiä. Jokaisessa linkissä on lyhyt kuvaus työkalusta ja sen kehittäneen OiRA-kumppanin nimi. Työkaluja voidaan etsiä maan, kielen ja alan mukaan.

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Hotels restaurants catering





Hotels restaurants catering



Hotels and restaurants

<p id="tmgmt-1">This tool is for hotels and restaurants. The main hazards of these activities are manual handling, slips, falls, trips and psychological factors as well as hot surfaces and biological factors. In order to minimize these risks, the key preventive measures are training, job re-placement, knowledge of stress relief principles and etc.</p>

Hotels restaurants catering




The catering sector is distributed throughout the country and it is mainly made of micro and small companies. This sector has a significant economic and employment importance, especially in the more touristic areas or in those where the concentration of economic activity is greater. This tool deals with the main hazards/risks in the various work areas, from food reception to the dining room, through the kitchen and canopy. It also addresses the problems associated with emergencies, as well as the structural/environmental hazards/risks and occupational safety and health management in the restaurant. The tool allows an assessment of existing risks, suggests measures to be implemented to control these risks and produces an action plan that users can adopt in order to manage health and safety in their restaurant.