Ilmaisia alakohtaisia ratkaisuja, joilla ohjataan työnantajat pakollisen terveys- ja turvallisuusarvioinnin läpi.
Työpaikalla on turvallisuus- ja terveysriskejä – mutta myös niiden arviointiin ja ennaltaehkäisyyn on helppoja ja ilmaisia ratkaisuja!



Reduce workplace risks in the hospitality industry with OiRA tools

From cooks and caterers to waiting staff, it’s important that everyone in the hotel, restaurant and café (HORECA) sector is aware of workplace risks and how to minimise them. Micro and small businesses can benefit from 19 easy-to-use Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools developed at EU and national levels to cover all areas of the sector. Whether it’s hot surfaces, slippery floors or irregular shift work, simple measures can be taken to protect the safety and health of workers. With the most registered OiRA users, many workplaces in the HORECA sector are already benefiting from these tools. What’s more, further tools are under development, for hotels and restaurants in Greece and Malta, and fast-food outlets in France. Check out all the OiRA tools for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector Please spread the news and share our tools using the hashtag #OiRAtools Lisätietoa
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