Les outils sectoriels OiRA présentés ici sont mis à la disposition des micro- et petites entreprises pour procéder à des évaluations des risques, en les aidant à produire une évaluation documentée spécifiquement adaptée à leurs exigences. Ces outils peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement et sont facilement accessibles en cliquant sur le lien correspondant. Chaque lien est accompagné d’une brève description de l’outil et du nom du partenaire OiRA qui l’a développé. La recherche d’outils peut être effectuée par pays, par langue et par secteur.

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Mastiha processing and production

The OiRA tool for conducting a Risk Assessment study in the field of natural mastiha processing and production of a range of different mastiha-based products - a world's unique natural raisin produced exclusively in the southern part of the island of Chios - aims to protect the safety and health of workers from the hazards in their working environment, such as the hazards associated to the use of sharp tools, to repetitive movements of the upper limbs, to the continuous sedentary work, to musculoskeletal problems or hazards associated to the equipment used for cleaning, separating and treating processes of the natural mastiha raisin, as well as to the packaging and distribution equipment for the various mastiha products. The identification and assessment of these hazards and their associated risks and then, in a next phase, the development of an action plan with all the necessary protection and prevention measures through this specialized, online, interactive RA tool is expected to make a decisive contribution to the continuous improvement of the working conditions and the working environment and to the intended reduction in the numbers of the occupational accidents and the work-related diseases in the particular business sector. It is worthy to note that the systematic and effective management of occupational risks on the basis of prevention, is a matter of top priority for the cooperative Association of the Mastiha Producers in the island of Chios. This association is the collective expression of 20 primary cooperatives from the 24 mastiha-villages covering in appr. 4.500 local small family businesses of mastiha-trees cultivation and its main activity is the collection, processing and marketing of the natural raisin (named mastiha) and the production and marketing of its wide range of products (the most important of them awarded with the label of “Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) products”).