Les outils sectoriels OiRA présentés ici sont mis à la disposition des micro- et petites entreprises pour procéder à des évaluations des risques, en les aidant à produire une évaluation documentée spécifiquement adaptée à leurs exigences. Ces outils peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement et sont facilement accessibles en cliquant sur le lien correspondant. Chaque lien est accompagné d’une brève description de l’outil et du nom du partenaire OiRA qui l’a développé. La recherche d’outils peut être effectuée par pays, par langue et par secteur.

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Woodworking & related activities




 This tool is intended for wood-working companies. Typically, occupational health and safety in this sector is often associated with safe use of equipment. However, this sector is characterized by multiple other risk factors such as: noise, vibration, dust, hazardous chemicals, unfavourable temperatures, painful postures, heavy physical load etc. The tool includes tips on reduction of wood dust in the workplace, ergonomics, work equipment, personal protective equipment, etc. By following the measures proposed, the tool helps repventing workplace accidents resulting from unsafe equipment, reducing the load for the back and joints, eliminating hearing loss due to high noise levels, as well as to introducing the main principles of fire protection and much more. This tool is an easy way to improve working conditions for workers in wood working companies. Using this tool can contribute to keep your workers healthy, motivated and with good work ability. 

Construction & maintenance, Woodworking & related activities




The woodworking industry has one of the highest rates of accidents in the manufacturing sector. The reasons are largely the result of workers interacting with various sets of tools and equipment. Carpenter work requires normal physical and mental capability with an emphasis on skills of hands and fingers, muscle sensitivity and pressure sensation on feet, hands and fingers. Carpenters work with the coordination of hands and fingers and must be able to concentrate in dangerous situations with a rapid understanding and reaction to signals and sounds. Occasionally, they work at height and in forced positions. Because of the potential harm caused by excessive noise, dust, fumes, glues, paints, thinners and hardeners periodic medical check-ups are required. The OiRA tool for carpenters deals with general risks with an emphasis on chemical safety and the safety of work equipment - machinery and equipment (maintenance of machines, control systems, etc.). This risk assessment contains proposed solutions to reduce or eliminate the risks. All requirements, listed in the OiRA tool, are linked to legislation.