Les outils sectoriels OiRA présentés ici sont mis à la disposition des micro- et petites entreprises pour procéder à des évaluations des risques, en les aidant à produire une évaluation documentée spécifiquement adaptée à leurs exigences. Ces outils peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement et sont facilement accessibles en cliquant sur le lien correspondant. Chaque lien est accompagné d’une brève description de l’outil et du nom du partenaire OiRA qui l’a développé. La recherche d’outils peut être effectuée par pays, par langue et par secteur.

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Agriculture, forestry & fishing




The primary purpose of the Icelandic version of the agricultural OiRA tool is to help farmers to improve their working conditions and minimise risk at the farm. It is easy to use, free and open to all. With OiRA, users get a tool in their hands that helps them to assess the risks in their own work environment. The tool evaluates the risks and returns the results in a report that is only to be seen and used by the farmer or workers at the farm. The tool sets out proposals and examples of improvements in the working environment. There are also references to laws and regulations, number of images for explanation and links to more informative material. Emphasis is placed on fire and accident prevention and handling of machines. Health factors are assessed and risk by infectious diseases is discussed. The general condition of the farm is assessed since it is a part of potential risk factors which have to be taken into consideration. Also included are tips for prevention of accidents related to work with animals, reduce workload on back and joints and instructions to eliminate fall risks. Proper health and safety risk assessments done with the Oira tool, can prevent many accidents and help the employer to find proper solutions.