Les outils sectoriels OiRA présentés ici sont mis à la disposition des micro- et petites entreprises pour procéder à des évaluations des risques, en les aidant à produire une évaluation documentée spécifiquement adaptée à leurs exigences. Ces outils peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement et sont facilement accessibles en cliquant sur le lien correspondant. Chaque lien est accompagné d’une brève description de l’outil et du nom du partenaire OiRA qui l’a développé. La recherche d’outils peut être effectuée par pays, par langue et par secteur.

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Manufacturing, Working with metal



Metal works

This tool is intended for companies performing metal works. Typically, occupational health and safety in this sector covers safety aspects caused by work with equipment. However there is more to it. The  sector is characterized by multiple risk factors including different types of dust and fumes, noise, exposure to chemical substances, poor ergonomics including manual lifting of heavy weights and much more.The tool starts It with the identification of hazards and assesses the level of risk, then it allows end-users to choose the most suitable preventive actions to eliminate or reduce risk. Do not forget to implement the proposed preventive measures! The tool includes tips on exhaust ventilation, fire safety, workplace ergonomics, training of workers etc.Proper risk assessment and management will protect employees from risks to their safety and health at work. Using this tool can contribute to keep them healthy, motivated and with good work ability.

Working with metal



Metal workers

This risk assessment has been produced in order to assist metalworkers to do their job safely. Metal workers are exposed to different hazards like mechanical hazards, extreme temperatures (liquid metal), recurring tasks, lifting heavy loads, the dangers of airborne particles, the risk of electrocution, frequent slips and falls. They are exposed to the hazardous substances and biological agents. An interactive OiRA tool for metalworkers comprises a basic description of the risks to which metal workers are exposed during their work. With this and the proposed measures to reduce risks, the OiRA tool for metal workers encourages cooperation between employees and employers. This OiRA tool was designed to promote health in the workplace, with the combined efforts from employers, workers and society as a whole to improve the health and well-being in the workplace. Employers are responsible for its implementation. 

Gas, water & electricity



Water collection, treatment and supply

The tool covers the following modules: OSH policy; Sites and workplaces; Operation of machinery, facilities and work equipment; Work on the premises of the enterprise, as well as in streets and adjacent areas; Manual handling of loads; Fire safety; Factors of the working environment; Organizational aspects of the work; Psychosocial risks; Office work; Relationships with external firms and persons.

Gas, water & electricity



Electricity, steam and gaseous fuels

The tool covers the following modules: OSH Management; Work premises and flooring; Emergency management and fire safety; Maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment; Work in explosive atmospheres; Work in confined areas; Work at a height; Fire and welding activities; Work with hand tools; Outdoor work; Office work; Maintenance and handling of electrical installations and equipment; Work with asbestos containing materials; Work with lifting equipment near live parts; Works on pipelines for steam and hot water; Operation and maintenance of water facilities in power plants; Excavation work; Work with lifting equipment.