Impressive risk assessment figures for 2021 thanks to OiRA

More than 201 200 risk assessments have been carried out in a wide range of sectors around Europe in 2021 through the use of Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools. 265 was the number of active tools in the past year with 123 000 registered… See more

Looking for French enterprises to help improving OiRA

EU-OSHA in close collaboration with INRS is conducting research on how small French companies manage their occupational risk assessments by using OiRA tools.  The concrete idea is to approach the users of the OiRA in France and to conduct… See more

Looking for contractors for OiRA tool development!

Lithuania, Portugal and Slovenia will be starting new tool developments with EU-OSHA support in 2022. For this purpose EU-OSHA is looking for contractors to support the developments in the respective countries. See more

OiRA tools for health and social care: looking after those who look after us

Taking care of others doesn’t come without risks: long and irregular working hours, psychosocial risks and fatigue can take their toll on doctors, care home workers and others working in the health care sector. To protect these workers, ten Online… See more

Non-binding Guidelines for the Hairdressing Sector - Now Available

Hairdressers are exposed to many kinds of occupational risks that can lead to health conditions like musculoskeletal disorders, skin diseases, and respiratory problems. The "Non-binding guidelines for the hairdressing sector" are part of the… See more

France expands its successful OiRA approach to a variety of sectors

A new case study looks at how France has been implementing OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) tools designed for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in various sectors. The success of OiRA in France is evident, for example the number of users… See more

New OiRA figures available

National OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the companies. Be up-to-date on which tools are soon to come! See more

Reduce workplace risks in the hospitality industry with OiRA tools

From cooks and caterers to waiting staff, it’s important that everyone in the hotel, restaurant and café (HORECA) sector is aware of workplace risks and how to minimise them. Micro and small businesses can benefit from 19 easy-to-use Online… See more

Webinar - New OiRA tool for nursery schools and primary education in Belgium 

Teachers in nursery and primary education face numerous safety and health risks which can lead to work-related accidents, illnesses, and ultimately absence from work.  On 8 November, the Belgian focal point is hosting a webinar to present the new … See more

Tailored risk assessment available for more industries in France

Five new Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools will help businesses operating in France to assess and manage occupational risks. The beneficiaries are companies specialized in metal treatment and coating, manufacture of rubber, plastic… See more