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How can we help small companies keep their workforce safe, particularly today, in the context of the unparalleled health crisis prompted by COVID-19? France has recently come up with an elegant solution through a grant scheme. Companies with fewer than 50 employees were encouraged to invest in prevention solutions, including against COVID-19, with up to 50% of the costs refunded through grants offered by the Assurance Maladie - CNAM in May. A completed workplace risk assessment was a condition...Per saperne di più

OiRA supports risk management in sports and recreation sector

The sports and recreation sectors account for a very high rate of occupational accidents. Comprehensive risk evaluation...Per saperne di più

Training small and micro-enterprises in Greece to work with OiRA

Following the success of a first seminar in June, our Greek Focal Point in cooperation with the Athens Chamber of...Per saperne di più

4 new OiRA tools in help of Latvian and Czech MSEs

Latvia and the Czech Republic have been publishing new tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the workplace. In...Per saperne di più

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