Gli strumenti settoriali dell’OiRA qui forniti sono a disposizione delle micro e piccole imprese affinché queste ultime li utilizzino per effettuare valutazioni dei rischi, aiutandole a produrre una valutazione documentata adeguata alle loro esigenze. Gli strumenti si possono scaricare gratuitamente e sono facilmente accessibili facendo clic sul relativo collegamento. Ogni collegamento è accompagnato da una breve descrizione dello strumento e dal nome del partner OiRA che lo ha sviluppato. È possibile effettuare una ricerca degli strumenti per paese, lingua e settore.

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Food production & sale, Wholesale & retail trade

Czech Republic


Small shops

Wholesale & retail trade




Due to a long-term standing work or incorrect sitting position, shop workers are often exposed to orthopedic injuries after only a few years of their professional practice. In the long term their health might be affected by repetitive movements influenced by stacking items on the shelves and lifting heavy weights. Improper working techniques and a poor ergonomically designed working environment are among the factors that aggravate the already burdened occupations. The ongoing work with customers and psychosocial risks (excessive workload, shift work, poor communication, sexual harassment, violence, third parties adn so on) can often lead to employees' burnout or depression. The OiRA tool for shop workers deals with general and specific risks at work. This risk assessment contains proposed solutionsto reduce or eliminate the risks. All requirements, listed in the OiRA tool, are linked to legislation.