Gli strumenti settoriali dell’OiRA qui forniti sono a disposizione delle micro e piccole imprese affinché queste ultime li utilizzino per effettuare valutazioni dei rischi, aiutandole a produrre una valutazione documentata adeguata alle loro esigenze. Gli strumenti si possono scaricare gratuitamente e sono facilmente accessibili facendo clic sul relativo collegamento. Ogni collegamento è accompagnato da una breve descrizione dello strumento e dal nome del partner OiRA che lo ha sviluppato. È possibile effettuare una ricerca degli strumenti per paese, lingua e settore.

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Motor vehicles, repair & related activities



Vehicles - Car & heavy loads vehicles repair

The automotive repair sector is distributed throughout the country and it is mainly made of micro and small companies. It is also a sector very relevant in economic and employment terms. This tool covers the main hazards/risks in the various work areas, including reception, auto mechanics, work on the bodywork, tire replacement and service station. It also addresses the problems associated with emergencies, as well as structural/environmental hazards/risks and occupational safety and health management in the company. The tool allows an assessment of existing risks, suggests measures to be implemented to control these risks and produces an action plan that users can adopt in order to manage health and safety in their company.

Private security

EU level


Private security

Private security guards are involved in preventing all types of risks and in serving the security of people, premises, processes, and goods. At the same time they are exposed to many risks, such as slips, trips and falls and violence of all types to only name the most frequent ones. The tool covers five different areas: commercial manned guarding, mobile patroling, event security, airport security and maritime security. The tool is highly adaptable and gives the choice to companies to repeat each of these areas for every single location/event where private security has been contracted. The tool has been developed by the EU social partners and needs to be adapted at country level to ensure that it includes the respective legislative information on national level.