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OiRA – kas nauja?

Substitution is a core action to reduce the risks that hazardous chemicals pose to the environment and public health. However, finding a safer substitute can be a challenging task – the [ SUBSPORT] web portal is a resource to facilitate this work.

SUBSPORT is a free-of-charge, multilingual platform for information exchange on alternative substances and technologies, as well as tools and guidance for substance evaluation and substitution management.

SUBSPORT collects enterprise reports and similar documents on substitution as core of its information portfolio. Experience demonstrates that employers and workers learn best from good practices in other enterprises, from those companies that successfully use substitutes in their processes. Due to the variety of target groups, SUBSPORT provides specific access points to information, i.e. different levels of detail, adapted language and various navigation options...Žr. daugiau

Paskutinės naujienos

The video is addressed at micro and small companies’ (MSEs) employers to help them assess and manage, together with the employees, the occupational and safety risks of their workplace. It has been...Žr. daugiau
A new infographic produced within the framework of the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) project is now available in English. The ‘Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps’ visual provides an eye...Žr. daugiau
The SUBSPORT - Substitution Support Portal is a free-of-charge, multilingual platform for information exchange on the substitution of hazardous chemicals for alternative substances and technologies.Žr. daugiau
Subtitles in Euskara, Catalá, Galego and Valenciano have been added to the ‘OiRA tools for the live performance sector’ video by Spanish partner organisations, who are also organising seminars and...Žr. daugiau

Nauji įrankiai

OiRA tool
Ši priemonė skirta įmonėms, kurios gamina plastikinius gaminius (poliuretano, kompozitiniai plastikiniai gaminiai, polistireninio putplasčio gaminiai, termoplastiniai gaminiai) bei perdirba plastikines atliekas. Pagrindiniai pavojai atliekant plastikinių gaminių gamybą: judančios įrenginių dalys, krovinių tvarkymas rankomis, biologiniai rizikos veiksniai, pavojingos cheminės medžiagos, triukšmas, elektros srovės pavojus. Siekiant kiek tai yra įmanoma sumažinti riziką, kylančią dėl šių veiksnių, svarbiausia yra nenaudoti techniškai netvarkingų įrenginių, įrengti saugos ženklus, užtikrinti tinkamą vėdinimą, naudoti asmenines apsaugos priemones, darbuotojų mokymas.
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E-tools N. Bertrand, F. Clerc, F. Marc, N. Toulemonde, S.Miraval, Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS) The use of chemicals placed on the European Union market within the framework of EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and...Žr. daugiau