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To keep employees safe and healthy in time of COVID-19, companies need to adjust their risk assessment processes. Designed with this purpose in mind, the recently released EU-OSHA COVID-19 tool has already been adapted to different languages and national situations. By now the tool is available in Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, French, Portuguese and Catalonian. And our OiRA partners keep working hard to get more versions of the tool finalised. The new OiRA tools will help businesses to assess...Meer weergeven

New Latvian tools available

The Latvian State Labour Inspectorate just published two new OiRA toolsMeer weergeven

OSH awareness and OiRA training for businesses in Greece

A hybrid onsite/online occupational safety and health (OSH) awareness workshop for small and medium enterprises in...Meer weergeven

New national COVID-19 tools available

During this week, several OiRA partners published their version of the COVID-19 tool.Meer weergeven

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