Instrumentele sectoriale OiRA oferite aici sunt puse la dispoziția microîntreprinderilor și a întreprinderilor mici în vederea efectuării unor evaluări ale riscurilor documentate și adaptate propriilor cerințe. Instrumentele se pot descărca gratuit și pot fi accesate cu ușurință, cu un clic pe linkul aferent. Fiecare link este însoțit de o scurtă descriere a instrumentului și de numele partenerului OiRA care l-a dezvoltat. Instrumentele pot fi căutate după criteriul țării, al limbii și al sectorului.

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Woodworking & related activities




During the development of the Belgian tool OiRA Wood, the potential risks associated with the timber industry have been put under the microscope and have shown that companies and their workers need to be more attentive to the risks they incur. These risks are for example related to exposure to noise and dust (wood), and the use of hazardous products. OiRA Wood is the result of intensive collaboration between FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, the CSC, the CTIB (the Technical Centre for Wood Industry), the FBCIB (Belgian Federation of Timber Import Trade), Fedustria (Belgian Federation of the textile industry, wood and furniture), the FGTB, the NSF (National Federation of sawmills), the United Hout, Prevent (technical support), the UNEBO (National Union of Enterprises of Wood).

Construction & maintenance, Woodworking & related activities




The woodworking industry has one of the highest rates of accidents in the manufacturing sector. The reasons are largely the result of workers interacting with various sets of tools and equipment. Carpenter work requires normal physical and mental capability with an emphasis on skills of hands and fingers, muscle sensitivity and pressure sensation on feet, hands and fingers. Carpenters work with the coordination of hands and fingers and must be able to concentrate in dangerous situations with a rapid understanding and reaction to signals and sounds. Occasionally, they work at height and in forced positions. Because of the potential harm caused by excessive noise, dust, fumes, glues, paints, thinners and hardeners periodic medical check-ups are required. The OiRA tool for carpenters deals with general risks with an emphasis on chemical safety and the safety of work equipment - machinery and equipment (maintenance of machines, control systems, etc.). This risk assessment contains proposed solutions to reduce or eliminate the risks. All requirements, listed in the OiRA tool, are linked to legislation.