Instrumentele sectoriale OiRA oferite aici sunt puse la dispoziția microîntreprinderilor și a întreprinderilor mici în vederea efectuării unor evaluări ale riscurilor documentate și adaptate propriilor cerințe. Instrumentele se pot descărca gratuit și pot fi accesate cu ușurință, cu un clic pe linkul aferent. Fiecare link este însoțit de o scurtă descriere a instrumentului și de numele partenerului OiRA care l-a dezvoltat. Instrumentele pot fi căutate după criteriul țării, al limbii și al sectorului.

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Human health & social workers activities, Personal & other service occupations



Home care

Personal & other service occupations



Personal services – beauty saloons

Beauticians are exposed to a number of work-related risks such as uncomfortable working positions, repetitive movements, biological hazards (possibility of infection from clients), dealing with chemicals, psychosocial risks etc. This tool is intended for beauticians to easily identify and assess risks, and apply preventive measures for risk prevention and reduction.

Gas, water & electricity



Water collection, treatment and supply

The tool covers the following modules: OSH policy; Sites and workplaces; Operation of machinery, facilities and work equipment; Work on the premises of the enterprise, as well as in streets and adjacent areas; Manual handling of loads; Fire safety; Factors of the working environment; Organizational aspects of the work; Psychosocial risks; Office work; Relationships with external firms and persons.

Gas, water & electricity



Electricity, steam and gaseous fuels

The tool covers the following modules: OSH Management; Work premises and flooring; Emergency management and fire safety; Maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment; Work in explosive atmospheres; Work in confined areas; Work at a height; Fire and welding activities; Work with hand tools; Outdoor work; Office work; Maintenance and handling of electrical installations and equipment; Work with asbestos containing materials; Work with lifting equipment near live parts; Works on pipelines for steam and hot water; Operation and maintenance of water facilities in power plants; Excavation work; Work with lifting equipment.