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The recently published Power Point Presentation gives an overview of number of tools online, number of registered OiRA-users as well as number of risk assessments done with OiRA tools. You can also find information here about sectoral tools that are under development as well as information on national OiRA seminars and events. Have a look and see what’s in for your sector!Zobraziť viac

OiRA in construction

Assess the occupational safety and health risks in construction with the help of six available online tools.Zobraziť viac

OiRA tools for cleaners: Sweep away the risks!

OiRA puts under the microscope the hazards associated with the cleaning sector by making available risk assessment...Zobraziť viac

Working in a small shop? Be aware of the risks with OiRA!

See here what OiRA has in store for those working in the retail sectorZobraziť viac

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