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The ‘Better Regulation as part of the Reform Agenda’ Conference is taking place on 09 March in Zagreb to present the results of the Croatian Government’s Action Plan for reducing the administrative burden in micro and small enterprises (MSEs), in...

The conference will focus on presenting the measures implemented in the country across 2017, as well as those planned for 2018. Participants will include Croatian Prime Minister and high-level speakers from the...Več informacij

The Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has launched the ‘ Work Positive ’ online tool to help companies manage the work-related stress and improve employees’ well-being.

Based on a ‘whole workforce’ approach and through a confidential psychosocial risk management process, Work Positive is for all workplace stressors but has a new additional piece specific to critical incidents in...Več informacij

The General Labour Inspectorate in Bulgaria has developed an OiRA tool for the printing sector to help improving the working conditions of the workers in this industry.

The tool covers most of the printing related activities ranging from books, stationery, advertising materials to newspapers. It also assesses workers about the risks to which they are exposed in the main processes...Več informacij

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The ‘Floor is Yours!’ research project is a new joint health and safety initiative, which will be carried out by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and sectoral social partners at the national level. Based on the OiRA tool for the...

Floor is Yours! is also a direct outcome of the added value of the OiRA EU live performace tool as it arouse from previous OSH discussions among sectoral social partners in Finland.

...Več informacij

The Latvian State Labour Inspectorate took action and developed an OiRA road transport tool for helping micro and small companies to implement proper risk management.

Employees working in the road transport sector are exposed daily to a great amount of hazards. Traffic accidents are one of most dangerous risks to be prevented. However there are other situations that need special prevention measures as well,...Več informacij

The Commission organised a peer review meeting for web-based risk assessment tools, to facilitate mutual learning and discuss advantages and challenges of the different approaches. Participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Norway,...