Promotional resources

The OiRA community knows how important is to promote the OiRA tools and to make sure that their target users take them up. This is why it is constantly developing new promotional materials with the aim of reaching more micro and small enterprises and inspiring them to use the tools.

The materials available here include everything from videos and infographics to more traditional factsheets and presentations. All the materials can be downloaded for free and you can search them by country, language and category.

Videos and infographics provide an engaging way to explain and promote the OiRA project, the general idea behind the OiRA tools and some specific OiRA sectoral tools.

Leaflets and brochures can be used to spread the word about OiRA, and about new OiRA tools, to a wide audience. They provide snappy summaries of the vital information, letting users know at a glance what OiRA tools are all about and how to access them.

Our standard presentations about OiRA are a convenient resource for OiRA partners, and indeed for anyone interested in OiRA specifically or interactive risk assessment tools in general.

Case studies on the implementation of OiRA in various Member States make a powerful argument for using the tools. They focus on specific topics such as building partnerships to reach end-users or the promotion and development of OiRA tools.

Our guides and manuals are intended to support the OiRA partners and their intermediaries in the whole process of developing and promoting their OiRA tools.

Posters, roll-ups and other material are used to catch the attention by delivering a clear message and inviting potential users to take advantage of OiRA tools to manage occupational risks.