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This tool is intended for pharmacy shops. Workplaces in pharmacy shops can be characterized by multiple risk factors such as: work with complicated clients, stealing of goods, prolonged standing, computer work with complex and slow systems, long working hours, chemical substances etc. The tool starts with the identification of hazards and assesses the level of risk. It allows end-users to choose the most suitable preventive actions to eliminate or reduce identified risks. Do not forget to implement the proposed preventive measures! The tool includes tips on reduction of stress and fatigue, ergonomics, physical security of employees, work with clients and workplace health promotion. These tips facilitate proper accident prevention, reduction the load for the back and joints, as well as to introducing the main principles of fire protection etc. The tool is an easy way to improve working conditions for workers in pharmacy shops. Using this tool can contribute to keep them healthy, motivated and with good work ability.

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EU-OSHA has teamed up with Europe's hairdressing sector to produce a new video showing how to reduce occupational safety and health risks with the help of OiRA, the Online interactive Risk Assessment tool . The video complements a recently published infographic on risk assessment with OiRA. Hairdressers face a variety of risks such as musculoskeletal issues linked to working postures and skin problems due to wet work and dealing with cosmetics. OiRA tools offer free and easy to apply solutions...See more

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OiRA tools promotion at the Hair Games in Brussels

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OiRA in the Slovenian Action Plan supporting the Resolution on the...

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